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Living in the U.S.


Before traveling to the U.S. BAFF will organize an orientation and reception for all participants.


This section is designed to help BAFF participants who have been accepted into our programs deal with the typical questions and prepare you to deal with most of the challenges that you will face in the initial weeks of your program and onwards.

You’ve been accepted into one of the BAFF prestigious scholarship programs, now what?

Expect exceptional and personalized support from acceptance through the last day of your program. BAFF staff in the In-Region office and in the U.S. will be available and in constant communication preparing you to pursue your exchange program in the U.S.


For BAFF Professional Internship and Research Scholar program participants BAFF will prepare and send a document package that contains:

  • Form DS 2019 – "Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status"
  • Form I-901 – Paper Receipt for the SEVIS fee
  • Form DS-7002 – Training/Internship Placement Plan
  • Confirmation of Insurance

To be eligible for an internship or research in the USA all program participants need to receive a J-1 visa. To apply for J-1 visa, program participants are asked to follow the procedures laid out in the following links:

In Estonia: U.S. Embassy in Estonia
In Latvia: U.S. Embassy in Latvia
In Lithuania: U.S. Embassy in Lithuania


Professional Internship and Research Scholar program participants will be provided with flight arrangements according to the term of their internship, as follows:

  • For participants with twelve month internships or research, BAFF will provide two one-way tickets. It is the participant's responsibility to communicate their return date to BAFF within six months of arriving in the US. No change fees will be reimbursed for tickets purchased after this time.
  • For participants with internships of less than twelve months, BAFF will provide a round-trip ticket with a changeable return date. Participants are responsible for changing the return flight date. One flight change fee will be reimbursed after the change to the flight schedule is made. NOTE: Round-trip tickets are good for one year only. Participants provided with a round-trip ticket must return within one year, even if their J-1 visa or DS-7002 specify a longer legal stay.

Airfare Reservations

All airfare reservations must be made by participants through the BAFF Travel Consultant.

Please contact:
Svetlana Ulmane
Travel Consultant
Carlson Wagonlit Travel
tel: +371 67 285 901
fax: +371 67 828 199


Price of a round trip ticket should not exceed the amount indicated in your award report. In case you have any questions concerning your travel, contact the BAFF office. After you book your flight, the travel agency will send the invoice directly to BAFF. Please note that BAFF is not able to process payments with any other travel agency – you should, therefore, book your flights via Carlson Wagonlit Travel. You should not purchase a ticket with your own funds without getting BAFF's approval.

BAFF Orientation

Before traveling to the U.S. to begin your intern, study, or research program, BAFF will organize an orientation and reception for all participants. You will be notified of the exact date, time, and location by email. The Orientation will cover a variety of topics that are of great importance to the success of your experience. It is also a great opportunity to meet and network with all participants who have been accepted into a BAFF program.

Armed with your necessary travel documents, possessions, and a place to stay upon arrival in the U.S., you will be completely prepared to embark on an exciting experience!

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