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Health Care & Health Insurance

Learn about your health insurance. Find medical providers in your area.

Health Care & Health Insurance

BAFF and CIEE are committed to helping you have a successful, enjoyable, and safe experience. Most participants complete their programs without facing any major health or safety crisis. However, accidents do happen, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with the details of your insurance coverage before you enter the U.S. The U.S. health care system is probably quite different from what you’re used to in Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia.

Your travel insurance policy is designed to cover medical expenses during a temporary stay abroad, so some limitations and exclusions apply. As a general rule, medical emergencies and most sicknesses are covered, whereas routine examinations, vaccinations, regular dental treatment, and vision services are excluded. As is usual with these types of policies, there is no coverage for preexisting conditions. If you suffer from a chronic disease (such as asthma or diabetes), you’ll need to ensure that your health insurance at home covers you for costs arising from such sicknesses while in the U.S.

Your CIEE insurance policy comes with a maximum benefit of $1 million. In addition to being covered while in the U.S., you’ll also have coverage for any trips you might take to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas). You’re not covered on trips to any other countries. If you are traveling somewhere else, be sure to purchase additional insurance to cover you during your trip.

The dates of your coverage period are indicated on the "Confirmation of Insurance" sheet that you received with other program documents. You’ll receive an insurance ID card, which is located on your Confirmation of Insurance form. Trips taken to your home country are not covered by this insurance policy, and coverage expires as of the expiration date stated on the document "Confirmation of Insurance Coverage."

Insurance policies in the U.S. come in different forms, providing different benefits, and very few people have the same coverage. If you have insurance questions or you need medical attention, you should contact CIEE at 1-888-268-6245. Your policy likely is very different from policies coworkers have, so you should not rely on their information or advice. CIEE has trained staff available to assist you with all of your medical and insurance needs.

Customer Service

Because it may be very complicated and confusing, CIEE has a designated team to assist participants in navigating the system. CIEE Customer Service representatives can help you manage any insurance-related issues that you might experience and are available to:

  • Assist with any questions about your health insurance or coverage
  • Educate you about benefits, exclusions, and claim-filing procedures
  • Help manage emergencies and critical insurance cases
  • Review disputed claims and assist participants with appeals

Contact CIEE at 1.888.268.6245 or email

Access information about the CIEE Insurance Plan, description of medical benefits, claims procedure, etc.

Find medical providers in your area.

Health & Safety Info Card
PDF file of Health & Safety card with attached insurance ID card.

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