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Resources to help you find accommodations in the U.S.


BAFF programs promote an exchange of ideas and cultures, and continue to strengthen ties between the United States and Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. You’ll certainly find your experience to be valuable to your overall career development. And don’t overlook the educational value of time spent outside the workplace. Adjusting to life in the U.S. may be difficult at first, but you’ll surely meet the type of friends that will make your program unforgettable on many levels.

Information in this section should help you prepare a comfortable living situation during your program.

Finding Housing

At the minimum, your scholarship will provide funding for a room in shared accommodations. You’re expected to secure your own living quarters during your stay in the U.S., but most participants acquire housing within a week of arriving.

Many excellent resources for locating apartments are available in the U.S. Your company and coworkers may be able to provide local resources to you, including names and phone numbers of major local realty companies, if you’re willing to pay for this type of service. A realtor can help you in finding housing in an area that meets your needs. Consulting with a realtor is an excellent way to learn about neighborhood characteristics and price ranges in particular cities and towns.

The most popular option with participants is to find housing on your own. Most U.S. cities have web listings where vacant apartments and homes are posted. Any community posting board, such as, will allow you to search for housing appropriate to your needs. Another useful site is operates a community posting board in many major U.S. cities, and is not limited to housing searches. Depending on where you are located, this site could prove to be an extremely useful resource during your stay in the U.S.

Having a roommate(s) is also an excellent way to develop your social network with relatively little effort. Many websites, such as,can be used to facilitate your search. Keep in mind, though, that it may be difficult to live with certain types of people. Choose your roommate(s) carefully, as it won’t be easy to break a lease and find new housing.

As a final reminder, please do remember to book short-term accommodation prior to your departure from your home country. BAFF provides funding for up to 10 days to help you “settle down” and secure long-term housing.

Questions to consider during your housing search:

  • Is the room furnished?
  • Is it within walking distance of public transportation?
  • How accessible are stores, banks, entertainment, etc.?
  • What's the average rent for a room this size in this neighborhood? (Look at a few different places to get a sense of local values.)
  • How soon can I move in?
  • Is it located in a safe neighborhood?
  • Does it have laundry facilities?

Community bulletin board for many U.S. cities
Search engine for locating housing in the U.S.
Search engine for locating apartment rentals in the U.S.
Roommate location service

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