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Enrichment Trips

Travel and see the USA. Learn about a topic, meet with influential businesses, organizatations, and business leaders.

Enrichment Trips

For participants of the Professional Internship Program, BAFF organizes a business- or entrepreneurial-themed domestic enrichment trip. These trips add to your professional development by giving you a chance to learn about a topic through meetings with influential businesses, organizations, and business leaders as well as providing a networking opportunity that fosters strong alumni ties.

An added benefit is that participants also have the opportunity to learn about the diversity of the United States through the local regions and cultures. Trips have included Strategic Marketing (Las Vegas, Nev.), Financial Markets and Securities (New York, N.Y.), Venture Capital (San Francisco, Calif.), Technology Transfer (Santa Fe, N.M.), Entrepreneurial Culture (New Orleans, La.), and other exciting topics and locations.

When Do Trips Occur?

Enrichment trips are arranged every fall / spring for each group of participants. In general, for participants arriving in the spring, the enrichment trip takes place in September or October. For participants arriving in the fall, it takes place in March or April.

While every effort is made to make the theme, travel dates, and itinerary available at the earliest date possible, the actual trip dates may not be finalized until about a month before the event because of a business' availability and planning logistics.

Who Can Participate?

Participation is open only to participants of the Professional Internship Program.

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