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Baltic-American Security Exchange (BASE)

The BAFF Program is designed to support Baltic national security enhancement and overall transatlantic security by facilitating the exchange of critical knowledge and useful contacts.

The objective of the Baltic-American Security Exchange (BASE) is to support national security enhancement efforts by the three Baltic states, consistent with the mission of the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, and based on an unwavering commitment by the United States to Baltic security.

Funded projects will facilitate the exchange of critical knowledge and establish useful contacts between Baltic and U.S. security experts and make other tangible contributions in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Proposals may be initiated by Baltic or U.S. entities, private or public, either separately or in collaboration. Projects of up to one year in duration focused on consultative and training exchanges may take the form of individual security expert exchanges, training and development fellowships, meeting participation, consultation visits, or other types of projects designed to address appropriate national security concerns.

Proposals will be evaluated quarterly, with applications due:

  • February 1
  • June 1
  • September 1
  • November 1

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Please allow a minimum of three months’ lead time from application deadline to the project start date.

Review of proposals and final approval will be the responsibility of a designated representative of the BAFF Board of Directors.

For further assistance, please contact:

Ilze Doskina

Regional Program Director, Baltic States

Laura Lyons

Director, Enterprise Foundations

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